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Julian P. Kanter Political Commercial Collection


The Julian P. Kanter Political Commercial Collection is recognized internationally as a major source for political research and is considered to be one of the major sources for political commercials in the world. Through the collection of television and radio political advertisements, film, social media, and other sources, the archive seeks to expand the knowledge and understanding of political communications, and the growth and changes in this field across the most significant and prolific era in world history.   


Curator and Founder of the Kanter Political Commercial Archives, Julian P. Kanter in 1975:



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Note: The following digital materials have been created from the Julian P. Kanter Collection. Items from the collections below have been requested or created as a part of specific projects and we are adding new materials daily. 




The Center uses ‘Member Ideology Data’ collected and published by Adam Boche, Jeffrey Lewis, Aaron Rudkin, and Luke Sonnet. Kanter Political Commercials will include ICPSR codes to help facilitate research.




For publication and terms of use please review the information below:


Terms of Use and Publication 

Please review the Collection terms of use and access information by click on the Kanter Publication and Terms of Use Agreement  


Academic Use of Materials

For the archive’s purposes, an academic institution is an educational institution that grants degrees and issues diplomas or other certifications. Patrons making “academic” requests must demonstrate affiliation as a student (please specify graduate or undergraduate), faculty, or staff member at such an institution.

Academic Research Fees: $100 per groups of 20 commercials (40 commercials = $200.00)


Non-Academic Use of Materials

Requests for non-academic or commercial use will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Fees will be determined by the location of the image on or in the product, the size of the reproduction, and whether the market for the product is local, national, or international.

Non-Academic Research Fees: $100 per groups of 20 commercials


Loan Fees

Fees for “clean” copies of commercials for production are based on the length of the commercial (no watermarks, uncompressed, edited for best resolution):

Up to 30 sec.: $300 per commercial

31 sec. to 15 min.: $600 per commercial

15 min. or longer: $750 per commercial Note: Loan fees are for the temporary loan only of the material and are used to maintain the collection and equipment.

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