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Object Type: Folder
In Folder: McCurdy, Dave Collection, 1981-1996


Topics include map of Nicaragua, economic aid, Contras, aid to Nicaraguan Democratic Resistance, Contadora agreement, peace negotiations, convert actions, and S. J. Res. 283. Correspondents include Philip C. Habib.

Topics include Contras, humanitarian assistance for Nicaraguan Democratic Resistance, supplemental appropriations, summary of Nicaragua amendments, prohibition of military assistance, intelligence appropriations, and Edwards/Skelton substitute.

Topics include Daniel Ortega; McCurdy travel itinerary to Honduras, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua; bipartisan alternative, aid to Contras, and Feed the Children. Correspondents include Carlos Tunnermann.

Topics include humanitarian assistance to Nicaraguan resistance forces, Tip O'Neill, supplemental appropriations, Contras, Sandinistas, Contadora agreement, political solution to conflict, and The Making of a Liberal Apostate (speech). Correspondents include Gorge P. Shultz and Ronald Reagan.

Topics include McCurdy visit to Central America, aid to Contras, and staff draft amendment. Correspondents include Edwin G. Corr, Ronald Reagan, and Robert H. Michel.

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