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This collection features the Center's public engagement events, lecture series, and special community initiative programs.

2/18/22, 5:07 PM

The Kanter Political Commercial Collection is recognized internationally as a major source for political research and is considered to be one of the major sources for political commercials in the world.

11/12/21, 9:19 PM

The Belcher Collection consists of 182 linear feet of material plus maps and nearly 250 photographs. Materials cover a wide-range of topics with prominence being give to agriculture, wheat, meat inspection, federal aid to education, tax legislative, social security amendments, civil rights, school prayer, oil legislation, the Vietnam War, the Republican Party, soil conservation, the Farmers Home Administration, and rural electrification. A variety of document types related to legislation exist within the Belcher Collection, particularly those found generally in congressional collections including memos, background research, bills, and publications. However, the majority of the documents is constituent correspondence and highlight Belcher’s relationships with his constituents. The Water Projects and Post Office series also provide useful insight into various projects in Oklahoma and how they altered the state.

2/7/23, 11:11 PM

The Armey Collection contains over 100 linear feet of documents, as well as maps, audio-visual material, photographs and memorabilia. The materials are largely from Armey’s service in Congress from 1985-2003 and include a variety of documents including correspondence, legislation, publications, clippings, press releases, and other materials related to the work of Congress. Of particular note are the Briefings and Internet series: the Briefings series contains materials, including correspondences, notes, memos, and charts, used to help Armey prepare for press briefings and meetings in his district, while the Internet series documents the development and use of his website. The collection also includes a wealth of materials related to the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) and the Contract with America.

12/20/22, 9:24 PM

The collection contains a wide variety of documents. Included are correspondence, telegrams, legislation, publications, brochures, flyers, speeches, press releases, newspaper clippings.

2/16/22, 3:13 PM

The collection reflects the U.S. Senator and his tenure in that office (1973-1978) including constituent correspondence, memos, background research, bills, and other legislative-based documents.

2/21/22, 4:34 PM

The Douglas Collection covers the former congresswoman's life from her early stage career until her death in 1980.

2/22/22, 11:30 PM

Joe Foote served as Speaker Carl Albert’s press secretary from 1972 to 1976.

2/18/22, 6:24 PM

The Weaver Collection focuses extensively on Weaver's legal career and family. Only one folder of material deals exclusively with his years in Washington. This material covers the Federal Reserve Act, Panama Canal legislation, and roll call votes. There are, however, several political files relating to elections and the National Democratic Party as well as correspondence from such well known politicians as Thomas P. Gore, Sam Rayburn, and Elmer Thomas. There is also a substantial amount of material on William H. Murray

5/19/22, 5:50 PM

David Keith McCurdy is an American lobbyist, lawyer, and former politician who was the Democratic U.S. Representative from Oklahoma's 4th congressional district, in office from 1981 to 1995.

9/14/22, 6:06 PM

David Mayhew is Sterling Professor of Political Science Emeritus. He specializes in U.S. legislative behavior, political parties, and policymaking.

2/10/22, 9:04 PM

Dick T. Morgan Morgan represented Oklahoma's Second District in the U. S. Congress from 1909 to 1915 and the Eighth District from 1915 to 1920.

11/19/21, 3:30 PM

Fred Harris is a former politician who served as a Democratic member of the United States Senate from Oklahoma. The Collection covers the period 1963-1976.

1/7/22, 9:40 PM

The Jones Collection covers his Congressional career, 1973-1986, and his time as U.S. Ambassador to Mexico. This includes records generated in or received by the Washington, D.C. and district offices by the Congressman and his staff, or in the Embassy of the United States in Mexico City.

11/4/21, 4:55 PM

The John N. "Happy" Camp Collection consists of 102 cubic feet of material and covers the period 1967-1974.

1/4/23, 8:41 PM

Thomas served over half of his years in the Senate during the Great Depression and World War II, the collection is an excellent source on the history of the nation and Oklahoma during the 1930s and 1940s.

7/21/22, 4:42 PM

The collection consists most of correspondence, speeches, and scrapbooks which include programs, clippings, publications, and additional correspondence.

1/27/22, 7:26 PM

The Synar collection consists of legislative and research materials used by the Synar office during his years as a Congressman from Oklahoma. These materials range in date from 1979 to 1994 and include, but are not limited to, internal memos, drafts of bills, hearing materials, and background research.

6/24/22, 9:30 PM

The materials cover a variety of topics relevant to Congress and Oklahoma but provide particular focus on issues that galvanized the Synar office such as the advertisement and distribution of tobacco, campaign finance reform, Native American interests, and multiple environmental concerns.

4/26/22, 7:17 PM

This collection focuses on Unruh's work as a leading strategist in the Republican Party at the state and national level.

2/21/22, 7:29 PM

The collection contains general correspondence pertaining to the Federal Reserve Act as well as a series of letters from various prominent Washington personalities. In addition, there are a number of documents published by the Government Printing Office. There is also a bound volume of Owen's speeches covering the years 1908-1914.

2/18/22, 3:46 PM

The Kerr Collection consists of over 368 linear feet of materials, the majority of which includes materials generated during his years in the Senate, though the Gubernatorial series does relate to his years as Oklahoma’s governor.

11/24/22, 12:57 AM

The Albert Collection is the largest held by the Carl Albert Center, and it contains over 1000 linear feet of documents, multiple maps and oversize materials including scrapbooks, and over 10,000 photographs.

11/27/21, 4:33 PM

The Steed Collection is approximately 413 linear feet plus oversize material. The majority of the documents date from 1948-1980, though there are some materials from earlier. The collection resembles more typical congressional collections with materials including correspondence, legislation, reports, clippings, publications, memos, schedules, and invitations. Because of the time period during which Steed served a variety of topics on the local, state, and national level are addressed in the collection. Some of the more prominent topics include Indian affairs, energy policy, conservation and resource development, agriculture, civil rights, tax reform, communism, education reform, and Vietnam.

12/20/22, 9:53 PM

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